Vacation Around The World Like A True Music Fan

Most of us are stuck in routines that guarantee that we don’t get enough time for ourselves. And in the end what happens is that we keep looking for opportunities to run away from the world. If you have had such thoughts as well then it is high time that you think about a well deserved vacation from the daily goings of the normal life. One way to go about that vacation is going for music festivals. These festivals will help you add the excitement that has been missing back to your life. Before you start planning such a trip, it is highly suggest that you decide the location and check the airline miles you need to get a free ticket for that place. Here is a list of music festivals from around the world that will you revive your life.

1. Coachella, USA

The reason that Coachella tops this list is because it is comparatively easier and more approachable. Held in the United States of America, Coachella is without doubt one of the biggest music festivals around the world. It is held in the Indio region of California and is attended by approximately thousands of people. You get to see famous stars such as Beyonce, AC/DC and many other legendary musicians rock the beat. Other than this, it is also said that the nighttime view and the beats of the music cast you into a spell of tranquility and if that is what you want then Coachella is the thing for you.

2. Tomorrowland, Belgium

Thousands of people all around the world attend this event which is said to be the official pilgrimage for music lovers from all around the world. This event is spread out over a period of 5 days in order to accommodate all the shining stars that perform here. This year it is said that David Guetta and the Chainsmokers will be the headliners for the tomorrow land. And once you go here, you also get to experience how the party lifestyle at Belgium is. What more could one want from a vacation, right?

3. Bestival in Dorset, United Kingdom

This is the type of events that make you feel like a child deep inside. These are best attended if you want to bring back the playfulness into your life. With each passing year, this musical event starts getting better and better. Music, laughter, good food and some amazing and picturesque locations what more can you need in a vacation. It is equal amounts of cozy and party combined together into the perfect combination – something to set you free.

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