Checklist for Enjoyable and Comfortable Camping Experience

Camping is a wonderful way to spend time in the great outdoors and to take a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. When you are out in nature, you can close your eyes and enjoy the silence, or the birdsong at dawn, and momentarily forget about the office.

Whether camping alone, or with family or friends, it is always important to invest in the right equipment for an enjoyable and comfortable trip.

A checklist of important items is a great way to plan for your adventure with nature, and there is nothing more important than a comfortable camping sleeping bag to ensure that you get a great night’s rest ahead of each day of hiking, swimming, fishing, or whichever activity you have come to indulge in.

When looking to purchase the best sleeping equipment, you should always search for an item that is made with excellent material, which is also as lightweight as possible. When it comes to comfort, you are sure to regret skimping on money when it comes to laying your head after a long day’s hiking.

So – what to look for in a high quality camping sleeping bag? Take a look through this essential list for some ideas.

No Unnecessary Bulk or Weight

High quality materials, such as products made with ThermaCapture will lock in warmth without adding any weight or volume to the item. Nobody wants to hike through the mountains with more than one bag on their back – and the lighter the better.

Extra pockets equal extra warmth

Many high quality camping sleeping bags will have additional sections for added comfort and warmth. While you can keep your hands close to your body for warmth while you sleep, your head can be vulnerable to cold if not properly insulated. Look for additions to the bag such as a ‘shaped’ hood to fit comfortably around your head to keep your entire body at a favorable temperature as you rest.

Meanwhile at the other end of your body, your feet and toes can be susceptible to cold. Many high quality products have built-in foot warmer pockets.

Excellent, quality assured material

A truly high quality camping sleeping bag should be durable, and stay in excellent condition over many camping trips!

Look for the ones offering best quality such as connectors to trap to a camping mattress, a snag-free zipper, and draft collar to keep you warm.

Good bags should also provide freedom to move as much as you need to during your sleep, so always check the size is right for you.

All weather suitability

No camping enthusiast should have to worry about needing a different sleeping bag for each season. The best quality will provide comfort and optimum temperature for all seasons.

Look for sleeping bags that are waterproof, and are heat trapping yet breathable, so as not to be overwhelmingly hot. Sleeping bags that utilize synthetic insulation material offer heat, while the material is quick dry – which is ideal from Spring through to Fall.

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