Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, Colorado, USA

Colorado’s San Luis Valley possesses a spectacular landscape worthy of being admired for hours. What better way to experience this incredible valley that to ride the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad. This exciting train service features Art Deco-style club cars and offers amazing views of meadows, mountain lakes, cliffs, canyons and peaks, some of which rise up to 14000 feet.

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad is designed for tourists who want to see some of the most remote and wildest regions of Colorado. Covering 160 miles, Rio Scenic is able to provide passengers a range of excursion options on board steam and vintage diesel locomotives. The trains come in different classes of service, which you can choose from. Whatever train class you may be in, your railroad experience promises to be packed with history, unbelievable scenery, wildlife sightings and mining tales!

Excursions by the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad from the Alamosa depot are generally divided into two schedules. The first one being the weekday excursion trains, and the second is called weekend excursion.

Weekday excursion trains depart every morning at 9:30 from the town of Alamosa, specifically from a restored depot. They travel by way of the longest and highest standard gauge railroad in the state. The trains then go over the picturesque La Veta Pass route, which unveils flatlands, foothills and the Southern Rockies. Finally, the train stops at the art town of La Veta. Here, passengers are given 90 minutes to go around town, explore the park, shop and even enjoy a meal or snack at one of the local restaurants and cafes. After which, the train goes back to La Veta in time for dinner. Weekday trains are equipped with retro dome cars with glass skylight tops. They also have a Club Car lounge and bar, which is available for use by first class passengers.

Weekend trains run on Saturdays and Sundays from May 22nd to September 13th. These trains also depart from the Alamosa depot and go over the La Veta Pass and into La Veta town. Weekend trains feature exquisitely restored Illinois Central club cars with expansive dining spaces. The La Veta Pass train excursion is made available from May to October. Onboard food and beverage are provided. The San Luis Valley and Alamosa are situated in the south central region of Colorado, which is about 200 miles south of Denver and Albuquerque.

Aside from the two schedules, Rio Grande Scenic Railroad also offers a variety of themed train rides you can choose from. For instance, you can choose the standard train tour or go onboard the concert train. By choosing a concert train, you will compliment your scenic train trip to a picturesque valley with watching superb musical performances! The concert is held at a green venue nestled at more than 9000 feet and built by the Rio Grande Scenic. Concerts are typically arranged on the weekends in June through September. Another themed excursion, which is a favorite among couples is the Valley Sunset Dinner Train. As the name suggests, this particular trip allows you to particularly admire the dramatic setting of the sun over the San Luis Valley, while enjoying a sumptuous meal on board.

Other special train events organized by Rio Grande Scenic include Octoberfest, Train to Christmas Town and Pumpkin Patch Train. Excursions are suitable for families and large groups and group rates are available. Early reservation of seats are highly recommended due to the popularity. Before booking, make sure to check changes in schedules.

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