The Best Things About Working in La Tania

For most young people looking for a working holiday, there are few better options than spending a season working on the slopes and living in a chalet. La Tania is a relatively compact and vibrant resort in the heart of the Three Valleys. It is slightly off the beaten track when it comes to the better-known and established resorts, but it represents a great place for those who want to work a season. The area was developed for the 1992 Winter Olympics and is now coming up to celebrating its 20th birthday.

The Work Culture

It’s not just the snow that should tempt you into spending a season enjoying life in a ski chalet. La Tania, like many resorts, features an active, social and tight community of workers who become far more than just colleagues. The small size of the resort means that all of the workers and long term residents get to know each other, forming bonds and friendships that often far outlive the period that workers spend in the resort itself. This strong community bond means that many people return year after year, and there can be few better facts to recommend a destination than that.

What Goes on here

If you do choose to head to the area to find work, your life won’t just be spent skiing, cooking and cleaning your chalet. La Tania is a great place to work because of the number of entertainment opportunities crammed into such a small area. At the end of each season the resort rocks in aid of good causes, when the fun-filled and raucous Charity Day takes place. During the rest of the season there is plenty of fun to be had at the many venues, and the following two are among the most popular amongst local works:

Pub Le Ski Lodge

Often adopted as a home away from home (or chalet), La Tania’s most well established bar and social venue offers a great meeting place as well as draught beer and devilish spirits. The pub is known for relatively good prices and big party nights.

La Taiga

The Tiger is a more up market bar than Pub le Ski Lodge and tends to draw an older and more sophisticated crowd. If you want somewhere to chill out while you drink a cocktail or two and enjoy some live music, then this might be the place for you. There is also a delicious selection of international dishes available in the upstairs restaurant.

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