Top cafes in North Goa that you must visit for a reunion with friends

Of coastline, sun, white sand, and seafood, Goa has much more to explore other than beautiful sea beaches. With famous buildings and churches dotted all over the place, Goa has witnessed various Poutguese marvels that are located here. In the same way, the place has also got cafes that have adopted westernized culture since Independence from the clutches of the Portuguese, especially the cafes in North Goa. These cafes in Goa have not only opened a new way of exploring the city but are also places for getting reunited with your friends and family. And above all, it gives food lovers like me the opportunity of trying new dishes. So if you are planning for a trip to Goa, then make it special by visiting the top cafes that are situated here. But before that, make your booking into one of the best hotels in Goa for a comfortable stay and now go through the list of the best cafes in North Goa below and chalk out your favourites.


Popular for its exotic menu, Artjuna serves the most varied range of delicious cuisines. Located near Anjuna in Goa, Artjuna is a Portuguese-style cafe that emphasizes offering healthy food to customers. The Mediterranean foods are what tops the chart in here and right from coffee to baked goodies, every item in here is worth a try. Besides, they ensure that every food item served in this restaurant is made with high-quality ingredients. The hospitality of the staff and their quick and efficient service is also something that you will love about this place. That’s not all. They screen a movie every Friday to make your dining experience more entertaining.

Baba Au Rhum

One of the must-visit places in North Goa, Baba Au Rhum is an open garden restaurant that is set amidst the green surrounding. Situated on Sim Vaddo in Goa, Baba Au Rhum is mainly a french style restaurant that allows you to enjoy the taste of homemade ham while enjoying the scenic view of the whole place. The restaurant is mainly known for offering popular Italian and French food items such as croissants, filet mignons, crostini and creamy pasta. Additionally, each of the food items here is made with utmost care and has a homemade taste in it. Talking about the beverages, the blueberry shake in this restaurant is something that you should definitely try.

Black Vanilla

Are you looking for a place to relax and try out some delicious dishes? Then, head to nowhere other than the famous Black Vanilla cafe. Located near Panjim in Goa, Black Vanilla cafe offers a mix of cosy ambience, creative decor and comfortable seating, all of which make this, the best place to visit. Additionally, it serves great food items such as a chicken or veg sandwich that is made with mushroom and spinach which is definitely worth trying. The friendly nature of the staff in here and their efficient service is also something that adds a positive vibe to the whole place.

Cafe Candolim

With a calm view and vibrant decor, Eva Cafe is like a breath of fresh air in otherwise mundane city life. Located near Candolim in Goa, Cafe Candolim is all about a place with good quality food, an exhaustive range of beverages and standard service. The cafe remains operational from 8 a.m to 8 p.m and has both alfresco and air-conditioned seating arrangements. It offers a wide range of delectable food items that includes pineapple juice, grilled chicken sandwich, sausage, scrambled eggs, coffee, peanut butter shake and cappuccino.

Royal Enfield Garage Cafe

Envisage the history of Royal Enfield while you are at Royal Enfield Garage Cafe. Situated at Villa Rodrigues in Goa, Royal Enfield Garage Cafe is a garage cum restaurant that is mainly made for the bikers. Besides, the uniquely made concept, the good ambience coupled with great service here is what makes this a perfect place to visit. It also serves a wide range of delectable fusion cuisines which are definitely a must-try item in this place. However, the main attraction of the cafe is the Royal Enfield Museum and Showroom that are located adjacent to the eatery.


When it comes to food, chill, reunion and party, North Goa has varied cafes that can offer a delightful experience. So, without delaying much, start your planning today and have the best gastronomic experience at the above-mentioned cafes in town.





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