Tourist places in Mauritius make foreign travellers amazed and happy

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Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island nation and known for a huge mix of ethnic communities, a varied cuisine, welcoming people, cultures, and exciting things to do. People who travel with their beloved family members here can engage in hiking in the safe jungle interior, swimming with the dolphins, and snorkelling in the clean water. Honeymooners visit this island nation and enjoy their honeymoon. They soak up the sun on the beach and take pleasure in a night out at the local bar.

The most exciting things in Mauritius for travellers

Mauritian cuisine is diverse with influences from Indian, French, Asian, and African kitchens. Unique flavours of recipies in hotels and restaurants here make travellers more contented than ever.  If you are willing to choose and book the Mauritius tour package as per your financial plan and schedule for travel, then you can make contact with the Away Holidays online right now.  You will get the absolute assistance and fulfil your wishes about the enhanced method to travel to Mauritius and stay in one of the best hotels, and explore this island nation.

As a foreign traveller to Mauritius with desires to attend festivals and experience the cultural things, you can visit here during Maha Shivaratri. There is a giant statue of Lord Shiva in Grand Bassin. You can visit here during the festival of light known as Diwali. In this festival, residents here make and exchange sweet potato and coconut cakes based gifts. Some of other festivals in this island nation are Chinese New Year, Ugadi, and Ganesh Chathurthi. These festivals give foreigners a glimpse into different cultures.

Realize your dream about enjoyable Mauritius travel

You may be one among water sports enthusiasts and get ready to explore the island nation. You can visit Mauritius and indulge in water sports. You do not fail to get memorable travel experiences especially from sandy beaches and clean water. This popular island nation offers the best diving experiences as expected by teens and adults. Water sport professionals here guide beginners to explore the multi-colored marine life, bright corals, and ship wrecks dating back to eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This is advisable to opt for any uncomplicated dive site when you are not a certified diver. You can prefer Away Holidays and book the speed boat tour, hop onto a classical boat, or catamaran tour to spend your day island-hopping.

Seven color layers of sand in Chamarel village in Mauritius attract travellers from around the world. You can visit this small village and climb up the observation deck. You will marvel at the colors like blue, green, purple. brown, violet, and yellow color sand.   Many travellers here buy test tubes filled with the 7-colored sand of Chamarel and stop by the Chamarel Waterfalls to take great photos.  If you wish to visit the natural lake in an extinct volcano crater, then you can head over to Grand Bassin. As per mythology, the water in this lake is sourced from the sacred Ganges River. Many residents take a dip in this lake during the festival Maha Shivaratri and worship the Lord Shiva statue that is the second largest statue in the world.

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